GNSS runs a school named Jeevan Jyoti School as part of its rural literacy project. It is situated at village Tarasevaniya, district, Bhopal, India. This project was started with a primary concern of providing Elementary Education to the most under-privileged children in the villages. Jeevan Jyoti School caters the needs of hundreds of children in Tarasewaniya and nearby villages. The school exists to provide quality education to children who normally would have never access to such education. For the last 20 years, Jeevan Jyoti School has become a medium for drastic changes in the lives of many young children in Madhya Pradesh. Qualified teachers with ample experience and commitment are a notable characteristic of this school. Every year, more than Three hundred students attain good knowledge and education from nursery to standard eight. After the eighth class/grade, they are admitted in various higher educational and vocational training institutes in the city. Even though the location of the school is not very far from the city of Bhopal, yet it is in a rural set up with limited facilities and conveniences. The staffs of the school are deeply committed to serve these people. We want to be a beacon of light to this rural community.